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iClickster is not for everyone; if your too used to being treated like a client, you may find it too comforting to be treated like a family member; you may even get to know our support team by name, just like they will know you by yours - this is why iClickster is not a business, we're a community; business is just a side affect - a bonus we can use to further improve our services and provide even more value!

iClickster was founded in the year 2001 by Selman Ijaz - the whole intention behind iClickster was to help Selman's friends get online and to work together as a team to help each-other succeed.

The idea developed from Rawksoup (previously known as Journik), a community based around personal development and teaming up to create value for each-other; this created a beautiful snowball effect (more and more people joining). Now iClickster's family has grown to thousands!

Welcome to iClickster - how's life?


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