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Finding the Right Domain

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Finding the right domain name is one of the crucial steps in having a successful online business. There are two methods you need to think about when thinking of buying a domain name:

1.Creating a Brand Name: You can create a domain name by making up a word which does not exist. This method will require hard work on branding your domain, as nobody would have heard of your brand when you start, so they will not be searching it in search engines; but branding can pay in the long run.

2.Using a Keyword within your domain: This method is powerful as it contains a keyword depending on the industry your targeting. For example, if your website will be on the topic of "WordPress Hosting", it would be a great idea to have the keywords "WordPress Hosting" within your domain name. This is because having keywords in your domain name allows you to be found by your target market much faster; as people will be searching those keywords on search engines.

That said, you can actually combine both techniques listed above and create a word which also has a keyword inside as well as being a unique brandable word, this can create the brand name power you might want in your industry and not miss out on the Google Rankings that come with having a keyword in your domain name.


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